Monthly Archive: April 2017

1st Quarter 2017 Net Worth Update! [+$16,671]

7 PROVEN DIVIDEND INVESTING PRINCIPLES! Click Here! NET WORTH UPDATE FOR THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2017 It was an eventful first quarter! In January I came home from my 6-month job overseas. There was a lot to do. Chores were one thing, building up my side hustles was another, and preparing for the birth of …

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April Is National Poetry Month – A Personal Finance Poem About Debt

Personal Finance Blogging in Poetic Verse? Yup. My life has been a hectic one lately, our second baby was welcomed into the world and I have been extra busy with things related to work. Also, much of my spare time I have used on my side hustle of reselling on eBay. The result is that …

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Why Do You Go To Work? Do You Have An End In Mind?

I love the movie Office Space. It was a film that I watched just as I was starting off on my own in the world. As a baby bird newly flown from the nest, it hit me deeply as it portrayed everything that I had felt since I was a little kid. I have never …

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