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Name: Justin
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I am a husband and father of two who has been working towards financial independence on an average US income. I started in January of 2017 to chronicle the journey.

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One Hundred Thousand Dollars

I don’t think there is anyone reading this that doesn’t think that 100G’s isn’t a lot of money. (If you do think so, can I have $100,000, please? I swear I will put it to good use!) Think of everything $100,000 could buy you. A Tesla Model X. A 44’ Jeanneau SunMagic sailboat and enough money to sail the …

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10 Golden Rules To Become A Millionaire

A Multi-Millionaire Shares His Advice On How To Become Rich I read an excellent article today over on MoneyTalksNews. Stacy Johnson, the creator of the site and a multi-millionaire, shared his top ten pieces of advice for those wanting to follow his path and become a millionaire themselves. He said these ten rules are “the best of …

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2018 Q1 Net Worth Report

My Personal Net Worth Report For Q1 2018 First off, sorry for the delay. Been busy coming up with actual results of side-hustles for you to read in the future. Stick around for those! Wow, the market really changed course the first three months of 2018. It was as if any money I invested just …

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How Investing Is Like Farming

Today I want to share with you a great story that I just finished reading. It was first published in Forbes magazine on October 2, 1978 under the title “How Mr. Womack Made A Killing” by John Train. I do wish to note that the story was actually sent in by one of his readers, Melvid Hogan, …

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How A Peanut Butter Sandwich Saves Me 2.5 Workdays Every Year

It’s important to understand the power of small amounts over time. Just the other day I had a chance to teach one of the young guys at work a lesson on this. He came into my office to ask about something and he noticed that I had some bread out. I had been just about …

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You Will Not Find Lasting Happiness By Seeking More, But By Wanting Less

Recently, I wrote about how happiness is a lack of want. I even came up with a really good quote for myself “You will not find lasting happiness by having more and more, but by wanting less and less.” This is something that I feel warrants further discussion. I have researched and found that peak happiness …

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Why I Am Getting Out Of Lending Club Investing

What started out as an interesting and exciting new investment path has turned down a dark road. If you don’t know, Lending Club was the first of the peer-to-peer lending Fintech businesses. Linking those with money to those wanting to borrow, bypassing the big banks in the process. For the past 6 months I have …

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The 8 Money Archetypes – Which One Are You?

I’ve been reading Brent Kessel’s book “It’s Not About the Money” and have found it to have some great information about money and how people approach it. One of the biggest epiphanies that I learned by reading this book is about wanting. Why people want this or that and how it relates to their happiness. We all …

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Earned $61 Million Playing In The NBA – Now Has Only $3,000

How does someone earn $61 million dollars over 16 years end up having only $3,000 in the bank? (Hmm, sounds just like a whole bunch of lottery winners.) It happens to nearly everyone who gets rich quickly but doesn’t learn the wealth mentality. It happened to former NBA player Joe Smith. Smith began his professional …

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I Earn $500,000 Per Year & I’m Broke…

    “People are stuck on this treadmill, working, working, working. They make $250,000, $500,000 a year and they don’t know where their money is going. They don’t have any savings. It is true but ridiculous.” So the latest main stream media article that I read was all about how high-income earners in the Washington D.C. area …

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