Dividend Income Extravaganza – October & November 2017


Hello and welcome to the Doubling Dollars dividend income extravaganza for October & November 2017!


Sorry I have been so quiet lately! I headed over to Lisbon, Portugal for Steemfest2. It was an absolutely amazing time! Steemfest is the annual convention for the website Steemit.com, where I have made thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency just for blogging.

After that, I joined my family in England for a few weeks.

But I am back now and will try my darndest to post regularly again. Since I missed posting my dividend income for October, this post combines both October and November. Result!

October Dividends


OCT Motif Investing – $27.64


Nevsun Resources (NSU) – $0.51

This is a Zinc/Copper miner with operations in Eritrea. Nevsun has had a bit of a hard time lately as the life of its mine was reduced from over a decade to just 4 years. Thankfully, they are creating a new Copper/Gold mine in Serbia that should be complete in 4 years. They are also constructing the mine without using debt (the company is 100% debt-free). This did require a dividend cut, which hurt the stock price.

Euronav (EURN) – $5.46

Euronav is a shipping company focused on crude oil tankers, with the largest publicly-traded fleet on a cargo capacity basis. I’ve been accumulating oil tanking companies as oil shipping names have traded poorly over the past two years. Despite a rock-solid balance sheet and a significant financing war chest. Value or Value-Trap? Time will tell if I made the right call.

Medical Properties Trust (MPW) – $29.28

MPW owns and leases acute care hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation services. It has over 269 properties in 5 countries, which are leased to over 30 operators. FFO has been growing at a 9.4% rate since 2011 and has a dividend yield of 7% that is easily covered. If you are looking for a solid REIT, check this company out.

CubeSmart (CUBE) – $2.70

This is a self-storage REIT. Over the past month is has shot up in price to the point that I will probably sell it. The yield is currently just 3.7% as it is near its 52-week high. That’s pretty low as far as REITS go. (Update: I sold my position)

STAG Industrial (STAG) – $1.88

This is an industrial REIT that pays monthly. The stock price is pretty high and dividend growth is minimal (Last raise was about a penny increase per share for the entire year!). So while I like the company I would not buy more right now. But with a 4.9% yield that pays out monthly I am happy to hold on to the few shares that I own.

W.P. Carey (WPC) – $6.03

I have owned this REIT stock for a while now, but only in the last 6 months has the stock price taken off. Lately they have taken to increasing their dividend by half a cent each quarter. Maybe this regularity has helped bring it to the attention of the market? Either way, they still own quality real estate around the world and have a 5.6% dividend.

General Electric (GE) – $0.24

Oh boy, has GE been in the news lately – and not for any news a shareholder wants to see. My single share has only ever been to keep the company on my radar, but I still have double digits losses even after adding the dividend back in. Latest news is that the dividend has been cut in half and they will be selling off about $20 billion worth of the company to better focus on 3 product areas. It has been hit so hard that it is coming ever closer to a buy point for me. At $14 or so I would do an in-depth look at owning a position.

Air Lease Corp (AL) – $2.85

This dividend growth stock is flying below the radar of the DGI community. Mmmm, puns.

Their industry has large demand which means they are able to lease all aircraft before they even take possession of it. The recent dividend increase was 33.3%, and the year before that they raised the dividend 50%. Going from .05 to .10 for a yield of 1% and a payout ratio of under 12%. The one problem is that 73% of each aircraft purchase, on average, is debt. But while their debt load looks high, it is used to immediately increase their revenues (and profits). Worth a look if you are interested in grabbing a dividend growth company in the early stages.


November Dividends


NOV Motif Investing – $15.97

STAG – $1.88

What can I say, it’s nice to get paid every month!

Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) – $55.90 + $67.60

I own shares in two different accounts. I started accumulating shares in my brokerage account, but early this year bought a position in my Roth IRA. The plan was to sell the brokerage shares and use those funds to buy something else. Alas, the hefty dividend yield kept me hooked and now the company is having problems collecting rent.

OHI is down around 20% from two months ago, hitting a new 52-week low. In my brokerage, I’m down nearly 12%, but if I add back in the dividends I am just slightly below break-even. Maybe I will sell out of my brokerage position on a day where OHI is trading up.

Teekay Tankers (TNK) – $24.00

This oil tanker company has struggled in a weak oil shipping market. A combination of lower oil production and more ships means that the daily rate they receive for a contract has gone way down.

Luckily, they have found a company to merge with that appears to be a good deal for investors. The merger makes the 8% dividend yield that much safer as the new company has good income and little debt due for some years into the future. Hopefully, long enough for the oil shipping market to recover as it has always been cyclical.


I first started tracking my dividends back in July, and this graph shows my total income for each month since then. Altogether it is $552.33 in dividend income! That is 552 dollars that I didn’t have to actively work for. Now it has all been reinvested and will work for me for the rest of my life.

Speaking of reinvesting, I FRIPPED 9 shares of MPW which increases my annual dividend by $8.64. Yes, I am still using Scottrade which has been bought by TD Ameritrade. The main benefit is the Flexible Re-Investment Program where all your dividends go into a pot and are used to purchase shares of any dividend payer in a ratio you select and on any date you want. There have been rumors of the FRIP program being removed, but I think it is a wonderful thing that many customers have come to love. Doing away with that without providing something similar would be folly.

I also wrote an article for Seeking Alpha in which I researched a pure-play blockchain technology company, BTL Group. I have been invested with them since early in the year and it has performed wonderfully. If you are interested in a legitimate blockchain stock that has already tested their platform with VISA and BP, check out my article HERE.

How have these past few months of dividend income been for you? Leave me a comment and let’s discuss it.


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  1. fin$avvypanda @ finsavvypanda.com

    Hey Mr. DD!

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation in England 🙂

    It’s nice to see that you’re back here talking about your dividends! It looks like you’ve made some good income from putting 0 effort. I’m also a believer of reinvesting your dividends back into the company.

    I never tracked my dividend payments since the day I started investing, but it would be nice to know how much I’m getting. I doubt that I’m getting much though because if I do invest in stocks, it’s mostly ones that focus on mid to high growth. I have a couple of banks and insurance that pay an okay yield.

    Overall, great idea! I should start taking a look at what the numbers are. Off the top of my head, for the ones that do pay dividends, I can remember Nike, Apple, TD, Manulife… I also get a bit of yield from some of the ETFs I hold. I’m a bit curious to know myself now haha!
    fin$avvypanda @ finsavvypanda.com recently posted…Fail-Proof Ways to Pay Off Our Debt in 2018My Profile

    1. MrDD

      I am not a dividend investor, though I hold some companies such as my REITs that make me appear so. I like to think I run a balanced investment strategy, some dividends, some growth. Hopefully picking up shares when they hit value territory.

      I’m actually an aggressive investor, but I never did think I was.

  2. Mr Defined Sight

    Nice to have you back my friend! November was a relatively quiet dividend month, I think I only had two companies paying me. December though will be pretty active. Almost nothing better than to see dividends roll in. And then reinvesting them!
    Mr Defined Sight recently posted…What Kind Of Legacy Will You Leave Behind?My Profile

    1. MrDD

      Thank you, MrDS! I do love to see those dividends increase my share count. 😀

  3. FIbythecommonguy

    Welcome back. Love getting dividends and looks like you are doing well.
    FIbythecommonguy recently posted…Net Worth Update #8 – Nov ’17My Profile

    1. MrDD

      Thanks, I just gotta get back into the flow.

  4. Cody @ Dollar Habits

    Glad to see you back in action. No wonder it has been quiet over here. You have been off gallivanting across the globe. Sounds like an amazing time!
    Cody @ Dollar Habits recently posted…How to Harness the Power of HabitsMy Profile

    1. MrDD

      It was a great time, Steemfest got to use all this ‘free’ cryptocurrency money to really throw an amazing few days worth of speakers and socializing. If you haven’t been over to steemit.com and checked them out, you are missing a great place to spread your creative wings. 😀

  5. Sarah De Diego

    Dear MrDD,

    I hope that you enjoyed your trip.

    I’ve been checking in to see how your SNAP Challenge finished up. I believe you had another week to report on. I found it very interesting and a great topic for thought. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Besos Sarah.

    1. MrDD

      I apologize, I do have all the pics and I just need to sit down and write down my thoughts about it. So sorry, but I will get to it! 😀

  6. Mr. Robot

    Amazing results DD! Keep grinding and looking forward to your december report.
    Mr. Robot recently posted…November 2017 Dividend ReportMy Profile

    1. MrDD

      Thanks, Mr. Robot. These dividends will assist in the purchasing of future wealth building assets until the day comes that I live off of them. Not too shabby of a plan, eh? 😀

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