Side-Hustle Income Report For August 2017

Side Hustle Income Report: August 2017

What up all you hustlers out there! I hope August was a good month and you brought home the bacon. By that I mean some side hustle cash, but yes, I hope you had a chance to enjoy some delicious bacon to celebrate!

I had a pretty decent month on the side hustle front. I even got into two new ones! The first was when I used uShip to transport a few items back and forth on my recent road trip. The second was when I started writing for SeekingAlpha!

TWO new side hustles started in just ONE month. Boom!

If you haven’t checked out those articles I’ll be linking them when I talk about them, so go read’em! I mean, learning new ways to make cash never hurts, right? Right.

As a guy that doesn’t make six figures, side hustles are my way to have extra money to invest. I do well enough with saving (and investing) my salary, but more is welcome as it adds an afterburner effect to the whole show!

So by flipping that switch, you shoot past those around you that aren’t hustling on their off time. Not to say don’t relax as we all need to recharge, but find a nice balance between your relaxation/family time and time you get your hustle on.

Anyways, on to the show!

(This post may contain affiliate links – they help pay the bills!)

uShip Side Hustle: $249.88

I won’t go into too many details as I wrote it all out in an earlier post.

One item each way from home to L.A. & back resulted in exactly $249.88. I won’t deduct any expenses, but the road trip was going to happen either way so there was only a small amount of additional gas and time to detour to the pickup/drop off places.

Still, $249.88 is pretty decent for bring stuff along on a journey you were going to make anyway!

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SeekingAlpha: $133.48

My other new side-hustle takes my passion for stocks and my slowly increasing (what say you all?) skills as a writer and merges them into one kickass side-baby! This little gig throws up $35 per accepted article and continues to drool a penny per view afterward. Notice how I went with the baby theme, writing skills I tell you what.

During the month they accepted two of the four articles I wrote. Those two articles earned me $133.48!

That’s $70 initially, and $63.48 for the views.

The sad thing is that only desktop views count towards the penny, you get nothing for mobile. Shame, but the views continue to bring me a shiny penny every time someone clicks on them (from a desktop).

If you want to check them out, you can see what I have been thinking and researching in the stock market world.

Albemarle: Great Company, Strong Sell – Here I went into why I think Albermarle is a great company, but it has increased in price WAY ahead of earnings. ALB is one of the three large companies that are mining lithium. Earnings have increased by 17.3%, but the stock has risen 82%. This is a company that has historically tracked near to its earnings. I sold my shares and bought some junior lithium miners on the OTC market instead.

The next article I wrote was a matchup between two retail REITs. Retailers have been hit hard due to the Amazon threat, and it has carried over to the retailer’s landlords. I compared two of the top-tier landlords that were closest to their 52-week low.

Now this one doesn’t count as it was published on the 1st of September (next month though!), but you can check out my pick to profit off of the reconstruction that will be going on after Hurricane Harvey.

I wouldn’t mind the penny or a follow over there guys and gals – It all adds up! Please and thank you. 😀

Gig Apps: $76.25

I also completed a few jobs through my phone. I briefly talked about them on my Road Trip Travel Hack post, they are Gigwalk, Field Agent, and EasyShift.

On EasyShift I completed 15 jobs, earning a total of $76.25.

Field Agent gave me an even $20 for five jobs.

Gigwalk did not have any worthwhile jobs whenever I checked, so nothing from them.

These phone gig apps gave me $96.25 during the month of August! Badass!

eBay: $117.95

I must admit, I haven’t been hitting eBay hard. I used to bring in $2-4000 a month in gross revenues back in 2015! It would be nice to start hitting that type of revenue again and I have a lot of stuff that needs to be listed. I need to get back into it, the last time I got the eBay bug up my ass the wife and I turned $50 into over $1000 when it was all said and done.

Still, I get a few sales every month. Seven in August to be exact. After the cost of goods, fees, and shipping I earned approximately $117.95 in profit.

Notable sales included brand new FootJoy shoes, a used leg brace (Yes, medical crap is expensive if you buy it from the doctor/hospital), and a really cool laserdisc (remember those!?) about The Doors.

The Doors laserdisc had a stunning hologram on the cover and a gatefold interior with artwork and a few pages of their story. Really cool, beats the shit out of any DVD I have ever seen. It was one of the last discs of my laserdisc bundle I picked up with my father-in-law at a church sale. I got about 30 of them for just $75. They have been all profit every time they now sell, as my costs have been recouped months ago.

Check out the latest deals on eBay right here!

Robinhood: $26.02

Yes, even my zero commission brokerage account was a side-hustle in August! Robinhood currently has a promotion that gives you a free stock when you sign up! If you want to get in on this sweet action, check out my review and click the link inside.

Four awesome and amazing people signed up and got a free stock using my link. When they (or you!) do that I also get a random stock. The value is based upon the price of the stock the day I received them.

I got two shares of SIRI, one GRPN, and one F for a total of $26.02!

I really like Robinhood, free to sign up and use as well as no commissions when you buy or sell a stock. If you aren’t using them, check them out. You could just even use them as an app to watch your stocks as their interface is very smooth.

Website Income: $14,564 $0

Just kidding! I don’t earn anything here. What can I say, it’s a labor of love. 🙂

Great news! August was the month with the highest amount of users since I started back in January! Success!


Steemit: $70.70

Finally, we come to lovely Steemit. The best place to share your passion and turn it into cryptocurrency. If you haven’t read my article on how I earned $25,000 on Steemit, check it out!

During August I made 5 blog posts and earned this much.

Steem Dollars 25.916 = $24.77

Steem Power 35.603 = $45.93

A combined total of $70.70!

All added up, my side-hustles earned me a grand total of $694.28!

Artists representation of me jumping into my side-gig money!
Wow, what an amazing thing.

You see, I never actually added them all up before. Normally I just see bits and pieces and think ‘that’s nice’, but nothing much more.

It’s like a reverse of spending little amounts. Those people always say they never know where all their money goes. For me, it’s that I never knew where all my side-money was coming from!

Another thing is that I really enjoy making money from my own endeavors. Yes, my job earns me the most and I couldn’t survive on $694.28, but I don’t find myself having fun doing it like I do on my side-hustles.

I also believe that I could ramp up any of these side jobs to bring in a decent amount of cash if I had to. Say if I lost my job, or to supplement my income during early retirement. I mean, I was pretty much there selling on eBay back in 2015!

It would be a fun challenge to see how much I could bring in if I had all my time to do so. No main job to work around, just straight up hustling.

I can see myself doing that once I hit a bare bones type FI.

What do you think of my hustling in August? What about you? How are your side-hustles coming along? Thoughts on delicious Bacon? I would like to know, so leave me a comment down below. I love to read them.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, keep on hustling, you hustlers!


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  1. Graham @ Reverse the Crush

    Amazing month in side-hustle income, Mr DD! I’m really impressed with how much you earned from your Seeking Alpha articles. Also, if you invest all the money from those articles into stocks, you could technically get paid even more money off your writing.

    In regards to my side-hustles, I earned $4.59 in dividend income – not a huge amount but I’ll take it. I earned a small amount of Adsense income. I also have a potential sponsored post coming. However, price and details are being negotiated and it is far from confirmed. Otherwise, I worked an overtime shift during August and got paid a few hundred extra. I also increased my forward dividend income by another $27 plus annually.

    Otherwise, thanks for sharing the great post and thanks for the motivation! Have a great week!
    Graham @ Reverse the Crush recently posted…Personal Goal-setting & Accountability – September 2017My Profile

    1. MrDD

      You know all this side hustle moolah gets invested! Gotta get that snowball movin’, right? 😀

      Hey, any amount entering your wallet instead of leaving is a positive. Dividends are just little drops of freedom! Plus, you’re kicking my butt on the website income, keep it up!

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Mr Defined Sight

    Truly amazing man. You blow me away with your side hustle ideas and results! Things I never even knew that existed you are making bank on. By the way, I’m giving you some Seeking Alpha clicks 😉 Very in depth analysis on those articles. Take care man!
    Mr Defined Sight recently posted…Want an Interview? Beef up the Resume!My Profile

    1. MrDD

      Oh thanks MDS, I hope your side hustles are going smoothly. Nothing like extra money to supercharge the journey towards FI – the earlier the better too! So that money compounds.

  3. Dave @ Run The Money

    Mr. DD,

    You should be incredibly proud of that figure! You truly are hustling my friend.

    I’m currently earning a modest income from sponsored posts, ads, and affiliates. Not exactly quit your job money, but it’s growing slowly.

    Can’t wait to see how September works out for us!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. MrDD


      Thank you! It was a good month. uShip is a large chunk that I can’t always do. It is possible I can make up some of that side hustle income from SeekingAlpha.

      Wow, congrats on earning from your blog. That is an accomplishment that I have not done yet. Plus it is growing, that’s awesome!

  4. Div.Income

    Hi Mr.DD,

    I also registered at steemit, maybe you can help me earning more steems :).


  5. Anthony

    Awesome job with the side hustles man. I really gotta step up my side hustle game!
    Anthony recently posted…Hello…Is this thing on…?My Profile

    1. MrDD

      If you think you do, then you DO! Hustle up man, we ain’t raking in 6 figure paychecks so we gotta be better! 😀

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