2017 Net Worth Report [+72,103!]

My Net Worth Report for 2017

First, the bad news. I was unable to increase my net worth higher than I was able to during the 3rd quarter. But it was darn close! In Q3 I increased my net worth by $19,096. This quarter was slightly less, check it out.

You know what the most important thing to be doing if you want to increase your net worth? Track the damn thing!

I focus on increasing my net worth as I have the goal to become financially free.

Somone can have a large income but if they aren’t saving and investing then it really doesn’t matter. Oh, they can have the nice clothes and the fancy car, but their life can change in an instant if they lose their income.

Your net worth is the sum of all your assets. Poor people buy things that decrease in value, while those with a wealthy mindset buy investments that usually increase in value.

It is important to note that your net worth is how rich you are, not how wealthy. Wealth is different. It is freedom.

You can be rich, but if you have to go out and work each day then you are not wealthy.

Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” fame said this of wealth.

“Wealth is a number of days forward that you can survive without working. Wealth is measured in time, not dollars.”

So if you invest your money into things that pay for all of your daily living expenses then you are wealthy and free. That is my goal.

Now I am just talking about wealth in the monetary sense, but do know that there are plenty of different areas to be wealthy in – like happiness.

You can be wealthy financially, but it doesn’t automatically make you happy.

Let’s first go over my 4th quarter results.



Starting $15,277 Ending $15,745 [+468]

I like to have around $10,000 in liquid cash, split between my checking and emergency funds. Towards the end of the year, however, I like to bump that up so I can drop $5,500 into my yearly IRA.

Which I have done.




Starting $81,897 Ending $95,516 [+13,619]

Through my work retirement plan, I invest approximately $1,100 per month into index funds. The rest is additions to my brokerage accounts.

I have two, my main one is Robinhood but I often find companies that Robinhood do not trade. To invest in those companies I have another brokerage, but it costs a commission. Not Robinhood though! That’s why I prefer to do all my trades with them.

If Robinhood interests you, sign up using this link to get a free share of stock (I will too). Sign up is free and you don’t even need to deposit anything to get your free share!

It is possible to get a share of Apple or Facebook is possible, worth over $150.

One of my blockchain investments (BTLLF) took off this quarter and I sold it for a 300% gain.



Starting $61,526 Ending $59,969 [+1,557]

My only debt!

I have been paying a bit extra, but I think I will stop that for the rest of 2018 as I see some potential investments I could put that money towards.

I love having a small mortgage. The monthly payment is so low I could hustle up enough to pay it every month even without a job! That is some peace of mind. Still, I would like to have it paid off and have to only pay the government and insurance.


Starting $192,448 Ending $194,672 [+2,224]

Three cars and a house fall under this asset category. Nothing else.

I haven’t marked down the car values this quarter, so the increase is the house value according to Zillow.

I have other assets not listed here but I choose to not use them to calculate my total net worth.

All together this comes out to a net worth of $245,379!



The flat level at the beginning of the quarter is due to our family vacation to England. I also took a solo detour to Lisbon, Portugal to attend Steemfest2 – which was absolutely amazing! It did cost a bit of moolah but it was money well spent.

Bring on Steemfest3! Steemit.com is a blogging/photo/video cryptocurrency ecosystem that pays content creators cryptocurrency based on the number of upvotes a post gets. I have an account worth many thousands of dollars. Check out my post about it here. (I don’t include it in my net worth)



Look at that beautiful chart!
2017 is over and I can calculate what I was able to achieve during the past 12 months.

I was able to increase my net worth by an outstanding


An overall 2017 net worth increase of 41.6%!

To put this increase into perspective, I am the only earner in a family of 4. My total gross (before taxes) income for 2017 was $66,600.

So to increase my net worth by this much with comparatively little invested (under $100K) is a testament to how a total money mindset change can work so quickly.

It wasn’t like we were hermits either (no matter what my wife says), we went on week-long vacation to Boston, MA as well as a few weeks in England and we spent a week in a rented cabin in Arizona.

One important thing is about NOT spending on frivolous things that don’t really matter to you and only spending on things that matter. Even the small things add up.

I truly believe that anyone can experience similar results compared to their income level, but most won’t. I believe this because I am not special, I am just a normal person with the desire to become financially free.

If you really want it, you can get it.

How is your journey to financial independence going? Let me know in a comment below.

Click HERE to read my report from 2016.


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  1. fin$avvypanda @ finsavvypanda.com

    Hi Mr. DD!

    I’m always impressed with your NW updates. They’re very inspiring to people who earn a solo income under six figs (those who are just like you!)… A lot of people don’t think they can do it and so they set this limiting mindset and never go out to achieve what they want. All they do is complain, complain, and complain! But you’re definitely not one of those! That’s why your stories are always so inspiring to people out there in your situation.

    I have to say that $72,103 for the year is very impressive! Keep hustlin’ your way up! You’re definitely killin’ it for someone who earns $66,600 income BEFORE tax.:D
    fin$avvypanda @ finsavvypanda.com recently posted…This Free Tool Will Guide You To Becoming a MillionaireMy Profile

    1. MrDD

      Thank you so much, fin$avvypanda! A combination of not spending money on things that don’t matter and becoming one with the hustle is what it is all about! If I can do it surely many other people can too if they just stopped making excuses. 😀

  2. Cody @ Dollar Habits

    Congratulations on a great financial 2017 and the impressive net worth growth! Here’s to an awesome 2018 for you as well!

    1. MrDD

      Much appreciated, Cody. I will do my best to improve this year 🙂

  3. FIbythecommonguy

    Fantastic Job!! $72K in a year is awesome, but took hard work and dedication. Plus it is a jump for your $58K last year. Congrats on a great 2017, hopefully 2018 will be even more successful for you.
    FIbythecommonguy recently posted…4 Steps To Painting A Faux Brick Basement Concrete WallMy Profile

    1. MrDD

      Much appreciated FIbtCG, what you say is true. I had to work hard at my side hustles and certainly stay dedicated. The savings part is fun because it just becomes a game as to how much can I save each month. I really have very little ‘need’ for anything. My family though, they require a bit more than I do 😀

  4. gofi

    congrats – this is fantastic.

    1. MrDD


  5. Cam @ MattersOfCash

    Great job!

    I’m a little earlier in my FI journey, but things are ticking along nicely!

    1. MrDD

      Thanks, Cam! Keep plugging along and you get closer every day.

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