Monthly Archive: September 2018

Decluttr Review, Or How I More Than Tripled My Money Reselling CDs & DVDs

I Turned $21.81 Into $70.41 Using Decluttr. It all started with me trying to figure out ways to increase my income from thrifting. I had never paid much attention to music CDs and movie DVDs before as they are numerous and time-consuming to sort anything profitable from the bunch. Especially since many aren’t worth much …

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Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes For eBay – With Pictures

Cheap Shoe Shipping Hack – Ship Shoes On eBay For Only $6.65! (With the USPS shipping rate increase, the cost in 2019 is $6.95 with eBay’s shipping discount) Today I want to share with any resellers the absolute cheapest way to ship shoes that weigh over 1lb, which is 98% of all shoes. Some may …

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