Monthly Archive: January 2017

Jan 27

Take Command Of Your Finances, Lead Your Dollars To Victory!

  There is a war taking place right now. The objective is your life and freedom. It is fought by your personal soldiers of fortune. Lead your army to victory or surrender and suffer your fate. Every one of us is the general of a revolutionary army, a guerilla force that is fighting for independence. …

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Jan 25

I Hate Starbucks – Here’s Five Reasons Why

I Hate Starbucks Starbucks sucks. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been dragged into one of its plethora of locations, always by my wife. Every second in there is another second of me wanting to get out of the place. Luckily I don’t work in a normal office environment …

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Jan 23

If You Want To Be Poor & Unhappy Think With An External Locus Of Control

   There are two types of thought in the world – those who think with an internal locus of control and those who have an external one. Don’t know the difference? Then read on. Your Locus Of Control Internals know that they control their destiny; they believe in willpower and positive thinking. They are determined …

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Jan 21

How Quincy, Florida Became A Town Of Coca-Cola Millionaires

  The amazing, but simple, story of how everyday normal people in this small town became ridiculously wealthy thanks to Coca-Cola.     In the 1920’s a banker named Pat Munroe urged his neighbors in the small farming town of Quincy, Florida to buy Coca-Cola stock. He had noticed that even the poorest person would …

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Jan 20

My Personal 2016 Net Worth Update and Finances!

Come one, come all and snoop around my yearly net worth! I don’t see it as the ‘taboo’ that seems to dominate the culture. I feel that being open about money is a good thing, it allows us to bounce experiences and ideas off each other. I haven’t always been focused on saving my money. …

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Jan 19

What Stuff Can’t You Live Without? How much is enough?

So many people in the Western world are surrounded by STUFF. Big stuff, little stuff, stuff to sit on, stuff that looks good, stuff to play with, and tons of stuff they forgot they even owned. All this stuff cost them a fortune. Look around at all your stuff! Ok, I’m kinda sounding like a …

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Jan 18

Ancient Wisdom That Stands The Test Of Time – Part 1

 Powerful words of ancient wisdom from philosophers that are just as meaningful today as they were thousands of years ago – and will still be just as relevant thousands of years from now. These gems can guide you in your life in our modern world just as well as they have done for centuries. The …

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Jan 17

How To Get Rich From Pennies Like Warren Buffett

I pick up any coins I come across. In a parking lot. On the sidewalk. At a park. The floor of the grocery checkout. My eye has become accustomed to searching for coins or other interesting items on my path. I search out these opportunities. It is just that I don’t want to pass up …

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Jan 16

How To Pay Off Debt And Build A Better Future

How to pay off debts is a lesson that many Americans need to learn. The interest alone is absolutely crushing a large part of the population. In my previous article, I wrote that the typical American pays $279,002 in interest payments over the course of their life. At an annual income of $50k and accounting …

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Jan 15

What Paying Interest Really Costs You

You know what really grinds my gears? Paying interest. In any amount. To anyone. I hate it so much because I hate owing money. I despise it. I hate getting bills. I hate seeing what it really is costing me. It is like a Spanish matador’s red cape, and I am the bull – it …

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