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How Do YOU Compare To The Average American, Financially?

Are you above or below the average American? I am often spending time reading about finances, as financial independence is my goal. The best information is found on personal blogs, but I sometimes stray to the MSM personal finance sites to see what is going on. I often regret it as it is full of …

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Does Your Personality Affect Your Income and How Much You Save? I Found Out. Kinda.

  Did you know your personality can be linked to how much you make as well as how much of that you are able to keep? Many people have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test. If you haven’t HERE is a link to take the test for free, it will only take a few minutes and …

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What Stuff Can’t You Live Without? How much is enough?

So many people in the Western world are surrounded by STUFF. Big stuff, little stuff, stuff to sit on, stuff that looks good, stuff to play with, and tons of stuff they forgot they even owned. All this stuff cost them a fortune. Look around at all your stuff! Ok, I’m kinda sounding like a …

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