Monthly Archive: June 2018

Starbucks Stock Had A Big Dip. Is The Stock Now A Buy?

Its been a tough week for a holder of Starbucks stock as the price has fallen 12% in total over the past two days. Today it closed at $50.62, a price that it hasn’t traded regularly at since 2015. On June 19th the company updated guidance to show only a 1% growth in same-store sales. …

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Seek Out Useful Knowledge & Skills

Life is beautiful but also quite short. So how much time do you want to spend watching cat gifs? As much as we’d like to not think about it, the truth is most of us are engaged in tasks and activities that may entertain us and make us feel happy but aren’t often of much …

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How Video Games Taught Me What Really Matters In Life

I have fond memories of video games. My first experience with them was when my uncle handed down his Atari 2600 when I must have been about 5 years old. I played those simple games on another hand-me-down, a 12” black and white TV. Do you think that mattered to me? Nope, I was having …

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