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Name: Justin
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I am a husband and father of two who has been working towards financial independence on an average US income. I started in January of 2017 to chronicle the journey.

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Aug 14

New Side-Hustle: Seeking Alpha!

Another Side-Hustle in my Pocket! If you have followed me for some time then you know I am always looking for new ways to make money by side-hustles. Whether it is by thrifting and reselling. Travel hacking a road trip. Earning thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency writing on Or building a stock portfolio …

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Aug 14

My First Ever Dividend Income Extravaganza!

Welcome to the first ever edition of Doubling Dollar’s Dividend Income Extravaganza! Send the kids away, break out the champagne, and get ready to celebrate! It’s dividend time! I mean, who doesn’t like getting paid for zero effort? I am sure someone out there doesn’t, but it isn’t this guy. (picture two thumbs pointing towards …

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Aug 04

Road Trip Travel Hacking – How to Make Money on the Drive

Ahh, the road trip. To me, it doesn’t get much better than loading up the car and hitting the open road. What is one thing that makes it better? Earning money while you do it! Let me explain how to make money on road trips. If it is possible and reasonable, I prefer to drive …

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Jul 26

My Inner Stoic: Being Content

Being Content is to Love Your Life I live in the richest country that mankind has ever known. The United States has just under 5% of the world’s population but uses 30% of the world’s resources. It seems to me that if more was better than pretty much everybody here should be the most satisfied …

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Jul 20

2017 Robinhood Stock Trading Review – Get a Free Stock for Signing Up Here!

I have reviewed the Robinhood stock trading app for 2017 and find myself loving the 100% FREE trades! When it comes to stock market investing there are many brokerages to trade with. Often the commission cost is the deciding factor and here is where Robinhood shines with ZERO costs to buy or sell stocks. Robinhood …

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Jul 11

2nd Quarter 2017 Net Worth Update! [+$18,513] WOW!

My net worth passed a huge milestone! I became a fifth of a millionaire! Passing financial net worth milestones are a real good psychological boost if nothing else. Also, it means I’m coming for you, Warren Buffett! Haha! Sorry for the lack of content lately. The family and I just got back from a vacation in …

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Jun 11

I’ve Made $25,000 Posting on – So Can You!

I have Steemit cryptocurrency worth $25,000 and I spent NO money obtaining it. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. In fact, you can start accumulating this cryptocurrency by doing what you are already doing – posting interesting things on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Imgur, Instagram, or your own blog. If it is good …

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Jun 05

$11,000 in Recent Stock Purchases – Find Out What I Now Own

I am incredibly fortunate to have such a large amount of money available in such a short period of time to invest in fantastic businesses. It really is because I stopped making excuses about money in December of 2014. I work all week, and use what time I can find working my side-hustles. It isn’t easy, I …

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May 30

10 Excuses About Money And What To Do Instead

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses We have all used excuses for not doing what we should be. We do this to avoid being blamed or to avoid doing something we don’t want to. It is no different when it comes to saving and investing as the majority of people have plenty of excuses as to why they …

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May 16

How to Think Critically: Strengthen Your Mind For Success In Life

  I want you to develop your mind to think critically. I want you to learn critical thinking so that you are more able to analyze and solve complex problems in the best possible way. Critical Thinking It can help you in your career by finding new ways to do business and improve teamwork. It can help …

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