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Name: Justin
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I am a husband and father of two who has been working towards financial independence on an average US income. I started in January of 2017 to chronicle the journey.

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How to Get College Credits For Cheap – or FREE!

Student loan debt is getting crazy. Talk to nearly anyone with student debt and I bet they will tell you they wish they did things differently so as to have minimized their debt load. I can’t tell you how to get rid of it all, but I can help get you through college faster and …

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Honey Review 2019 – “Use Honey, Save Money”

2019 Honey Review, Coupon Code Search Browser Extension   Honey has been a money saver because I am so forgetful! I don’t buy too much, but when I do I am glad I joined up with Honey. I have earned almost $10 back from my purchases as well as saving at least $5 with Honey’s coupon code searching tool. …

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The Killer Commute

How Much Does Your Commute Cost You? Your commute can be the black hole into which your money – and time – gets sucked into. Very few people realize just how much they lose when they have a long commute. – Me In 2017, the average American had a one-way commute time of 26.9 minutes …

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Frugal 2018 Cyber Monday Deals

Bargains Amongst The Consumerism Heap   I’ve been looking for deals that I could use, not just saving a few hundred on a TV. (My TV is from 2008 and works just fine, thank you. ) I don’t need to load up on a bunch of new products just because they are cheap. I just …

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7 Costs That You Need To Budget For When You Have a Child

7 Costs that can affect your financial life after having a child   Many would-be parents are facing financial stress due to the rising costs in bringing up a child in our nation as the cost of raising a child increases every year. According to the latest estimates made by the Department of Agriculture (USA), …

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eBay Sales For August 2018 (Yes, August)

It Was The Best Month This Year! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been focusing my time on my main side hustle, which is eBay sales. I was able to take two weeks off of work and focused a bit more into sourcing stuff to sell on eBay. Thankfully, the …

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Decluttr Review, Or How I More Than Tripled My Money Reselling CDs & DVDs

I Turned $21.81 Into $70.41 Using Decluttr. It all started with me trying to figure out ways to increase my income from thrifting. I had never paid much attention to music CDs and movie DVDs before as they are numerous and time-consuming to sort anything profitable from the bunch. Especially since many aren’t worth much …

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Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes For eBay – With Pictures

Cheap Shoe Shipping Hack – Ship Shoes On eBay For Only $6.65! (With the USPS shipping rate increase, the cost in 2019 is $6.95 with eBay’s shipping discount) Today I want to share with any resellers the absolute cheapest way to ship shoes that weigh over 1lb, which is 98% of all shoes. Some may …

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Is A Recession Incoming?

Will the Interest Rates Invert & Shortly Thereafter Cause a Recession? I know there are plenty of you out there that say you can never predict a recession. To just continue investing because none of us are Nostradamus’. But, and hear me out, what if the signs are all there and you just sit in …

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Real Wealth Is What We Don’t See

What do you think about the person driving an expensive car? Do you think “Wow, that guy is cool!” Or do you think “Wow, if I had that car everyone would think I am cool!” I bet it’s the latter. It is a sort of paradox of human nature. People buy expensive things to show …

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