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I am a husband and father of two who has been working towards financial independence on an average US income. I started in January of 2017 to chronicle the journey.

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Started Selling Consignment Items on eBay

More Things To Sell Without Having To Buy Them This weekend I started listing items from two different consignment customers. Ok, ok, one is my neighbor and one is my brother and his wife but still, the profits will roll. The consignment agreement for the money split is 50-50 of the profits. That means that …

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Stock Buybacks & Insider Selling Hitting All-Time Highs

Corporate Executives Are Selling Stocks In Record Numbers Corporate insider selling has hit record numbers in May and June. They have dumped over a combined total of $17.6 billion dollars worth in that time period. Of course, the dump only comes after a pump, right? The fuel behind the pump has been stock buybacks in which 2018 …

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2018 Q2 Personal Net Worth Report

My Personal Net Worth Report For Q2 2018 Well, the market has had it’s ups and downs this year, but it really hasn’t gone anywhere. This has really muted my growth compared to last year. Still, I look for sectors to invest in, even if I do believe that we are near a top. I …

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Why Patience Is A Key To Success

Patience I’ve spoken about how finding your big, burning WHY is vitally important to have. Your WHY keeps your overall actions headed towards your destination. Your WHY allows you to find ways past the obstacles that are sure to fall in front of you along the way. Simply put, your WHY is vitally important. However, …

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How To Find Your Personal WHY, Life Goal, & Burning Desire

Have you hardly ever completed or even stayed working towards any large goals? If you blame your goal for being too difficult or the universe for being against you, you are mistaken. The truth is that you, my friend, lack the strong, burning desire to achieve what you want. You aren’t driven enough to pursue …

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Starbucks Stock Had A Big Dip. Is The Stock Now A Buy?

Its been a tough week for a holder of Starbucks stock as the price has fallen 12% in total over the past two days. Today it closed at $50.62, a price that it hasn’t traded regularly at since 2015. On June 19th the company updated guidance to show only a 1% growth in same-store sales. …

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Seek Out Useful Knowledge & Skills

Life is beautiful but also quite short. So how much time do you want to spend watching cat gifs? As much as we’d like to not think about it, the truth is most of us are engaged in tasks and activities that may entertain us and make us feel happy but aren’t often of much …

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How Video Games Taught Me What Really Matters In Life

I have fond memories of video games. My first experience with them was when my uncle handed down his Atari 2600 when I must have been about 5 years old. I played those simple games on another hand-me-down, a 12” black and white TV. Do you think that mattered to me? Nope, I was having …

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One Hundred Thousand Dollars

I don’t think there is anyone reading this that doesn’t think that 100G’s isn’t a lot of money. (If you do think so, can I have $100,000, please? I swear I will put it to good use!) Think of everything $100,000 could buy you. A Tesla Model X. A 44’ Jeanneau SunMagic sailboat and enough money to sail the …

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10 Golden Rules To Become A Millionaire

A Multi-Millionaire Shares His Advice On How To Become Rich I read an excellent article today over on MoneyTalksNews. Stacy Johnson, the creator of the site and a multi-millionaire, shared his top ten pieces of advice for those wanting to follow his path and become a millionaire themselves. He said these ten rules are “the best of …

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