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Apr 17

April Is National Poetry Month – A Personal Finance Poem About Debt

Personal Finance Blogging in Poetic Verse? Yup. My life has been a hectic one lately, our second baby was welcomed into the world and I have been extra busy with things related to work. Also, much of my spare time I have used on my side hustle of reselling on eBay. The result is that …

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Mar 20

Doubling Dollars? Not This time. We Doubled Something Else.

Wow! What a weekend it has been. I had one of those days. Or really, both days this past weekend. Saturday morning I woke up early and went garage and flea market hunting with my father in law. We got back home around 1 pm. Just before the event that only happens a few times …

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Mar 07

How To Cheaply Clean Your Car Carpets To Almost New For Under $10!

One reason people seem to get ‘car fever’ is a simple one. The car they drive is dirty. Fortunately, we can fix this rather easily; a great clean! It is amazing what a deep clean can do to make you feel good about your old car. But fighting car fever isn’t the only reason to …

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Mar 02

Midland High School: A Prep School That Teaches Self-Reliance By Being Close To Nature

Hello Midland high! A school that requires students to collect firewood, grow vegetables and raise livestock, but also prepares them for ivy league colleges. At the Midland Highschool in California, a student’s life is drastically different than if they attended any normal school in the country. While the curriculum is strong and focused on college …

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