Monthly Archive: September 2017

Sep 16

Are the Phrases “Good Debt” or “Bad Debt” Justified?

Today’s post is contributed by Amy Nickson, a passionate writer on finance. Amy is a professional blogger who has started her own blog and also works as a contributor for the Oak View Law Group. Please share your opinions by commenting below. Are the Phrases “Good Debt” or “Bad Debt” Justified? The word “debt”’ has a …

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Sep 10

My Anti-Guide To Parenting, Life, & Some Other Crap

Congratulations! You have survived long enough to read this article. I don’t know how much longer you have left to endure this miserable existence, so let’s just get right into it. Imagine how much effort that would take 1. Know yourself You must first know yourself because everyone else here thinks you are an idiot. The …

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Sep 06

Dividend Income Extravaganza – August 2017

Oh yeah, it’s everybody’s favorite time of the month, my dividend extravaganza! Last month, dividends were making it rain up in this beeyotch! Well ok, maybe I’m not at a Hurricane Harvey level of dividend rainfall (What!? Too soon?), but all my dividends get reinvested. All my side-hustle money gets invested. Almost all the money …

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Sep 04

Side-Hustle Income Report For August 2017

Side Hustle Income Report: August 2017 What up all you hustlers out there! I hope August was a good month and you brought home the bacon. By that I mean some side hustle cash, but yes, I hope you had a chance to enjoy some delicious bacon to celebrate! I had a pretty decent month …

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