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Apr 17

April Is National Poetry Month – A Personal Finance Poem About Debt

Personal Finance Blogging in Poetic Verse? Yup. My life has been a hectic one lately, our second baby was welcomed into the world and I have been extra busy with things related to work. Also, much of my spare time I have used on my side hustle of reselling on eBay. The result is that …

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Mar 15

$200,000 In Student Loan Debt And No Degree

I am a fan of Dave Ramsey, even if I don’t agree with every single thing he says. Still, I think he mostly has simple and solid advice. I like to watch the clip or two he posts on his YouTube Channel every day. The other day he had this one lady on that absolutely …

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Mar 09

How Much Car Can You Afford? It Is Probably Much Less Than You Are Thinking.

  Nowadays most people looking to buy a car only ask the car salesperson “How much down and how much per month?” They want to have it now and pay for it later. Plus interest. (I hate paying interest.) These people hardly ever think about how much it really costs them. It is only the …

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Feb 01

Your Most Important Education Is Your Financial One

  I believe that a good financial education is the most important education you can receive. One time I was searching LendingClub.com to find another loan to fund and I ran across this person who was making over $14,000 a month. If you don’t know Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending service in which people can …

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Jan 16

How To Pay Off Debt And Build A Better Future

How to pay off debts is a lesson that many Americans need to learn. The interest alone is absolutely crushing a large part of the population. In my previous article, I wrote that the typical American pays $279,002 in interest payments over the course of their life. At an annual income of $50k and accounting …

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