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Jul 26

My Inner Stoic: Being Content

Being Content is to Love Your Life I live in the richest country that mankind has ever known. The United States has just under 5% of the world’s population but uses 30% of the world’s resources. It seems to me that if more was better than pretty much everybody here should be the most satisfied …

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May 11

Are Money Problems Ruining Your Marriage? Here Is How You Can Stop Financial Arguments.

Traditional wedding vows usually contain the phrase “for richer or poorer.” Meaning that you love each other and the amount of money you have will not affect that love, for better or worse. I am pretty sure that our ancestors added that in because they knew that money problems are one of the most common …

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May 01

Are You Busy Making A Dying?

Do you come home from work at the end of the day feeling energetic and full of life? Ready to do all those amazing things that popped into your head during the day? Not me, I get home at the end of the day and don’t have much energy to do more than be entertained …

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Apr 05

Why Do You Go To Work? Do You Have An End In Mind?

I love the movie Office Space. It was a film that I watched just as I was starting off on my own in the world. As a baby bird newly flown from the nest, it hit me deeply as it portrayed everything that I had felt since I was a little kid. I have never …

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Mar 13

Why You Need To Stop Consuming The News

I remember one thing that the economic collapse of 2008-09 did to me. No, I didn’t lose my job or house or anything like that. It caused me to seek answers. I started to dig into the whole system. Why are they giving billions of dollars to the same people whose actions caused them to …

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Feb 15

How To Succeed When You Aren’t The Best At Anything

What if you are just average at things, can you still succeed? YES! The hidden key to success is why the secret sauce tastes so good. Have you ever heard that only the best people are able to succeed, leaving the rest of us to pick up their scraps if we are lucky? That since …

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Jan 23

If You Want To Be Poor & Unhappy Think With An External Locus Of Control

   There are two types of thought in the world – those who think with an internal locus of control and those who have an external one. Don’t know the difference? Then read on. Your Locus Of Control Internals know that they control their destiny; they believe in willpower and positive thinking. They are determined …

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