Better Your Life In Just One Hour Per Day

It’s truly astonishing what we can make time for when we decide to make time for it.

When people ask me for advice I tell them my thoughts. Often it involves some sort of time commitment from them every day or for at least a few hours per week.

Do you know the most common sentence I hear back? “I don’t have the time!”

They have a problem that causes them to struggle. A problem that weighs heavily upon them and they wish they didn’t have to deal with yet they “couldn’t possibly find the time to deal with it.”

So they say they don’t have the time to learn a certain skill, take an online course, do a little side-hustle to bring in some extra cash, or just track their finances to see where they are overspending. They are just fooling themselves.

If you had a medical condition that required you to sit hooked up to a machine for an hour each day would those people say “Oh, I don’t have any time to do that. I better just die.” NO! They would easily find the time.

Anyone can free up an hour per day to do anything if they want to. Within that hour you can do something that helps you get closer to your goals. And you can do it without losing efficiency elsewhere, like your relationships.

Because when you solve your problems or get closer to your goals something special happens to the rest of your hours. Because you are proactively working towards a better life all your other hours end up being MORE efficient with the given time.

No longer is time spent with your husband or wife spent arguing over money. No longer is time spent playing games knowing that you should really rather be doing something to help your situation. (I’m not saying to relax and do things your enjoy, but to do them AFTER you have done something to deserve it)

You see, if you spend at least an hour working on the things that you really want to improve, the other 23 hours are less stressful and better spent. Because you are actively working on your personal progress you feel better about yourself.

When you are cuddled up with your love you have nothing else on your mind besides how much you are in love. When your problems are being solved you will sleep better. You will enjoy everything else since you know things are under control. Things are getting better. Life is good.

Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s law is the old saying that “work expands to fill the time allotted to it.” In other words, the amount of time that you have to perform a task is the amount of time it will take to complete it.

So go on and give yourself an hour each day to work towards your top priority. Start today.

What are you going to do in that hour? Can you do something that you have always wanted to do but just never have?

What I do with my hour is work on a side-hustle. Often it is listing things on eBay, but sometimes it is writing a post or working on my ideas or plans.


The things I get done in one hour might not seem like much, but repeated every day it becomes so much more. Sometimes I am amazed at how well it works.

What The Majority Does

Most people don’t even think about their potential. They do not think of the possibilities. They don’t even think about their future. They only think about their day to day life.

They are so lost inside the hamster wheel of life, – the problems, the chores, the workload they have – their daily existence. They don’t take one moment to step back and look at the big picture. But they certainly fill their life with meaningless things. Always running back and forth to this or that but never getting ahead.

Is that life? To run around in vain? To race everywhere without ever getting anywhere?

Oh, and if they aren’t running around then they spend the time on social media or watching TV. Killing time is a more apt way to say it.

People who aren’t truly living the life they want will spend time distracting themselves from that fact instead of working TOWARDS the life they want. They want to forget how meaningless and unfulfilling their life is. So they seek distraction by either being too busy or by being entertained – anything to not have to think about it.

If you aren’t too happy in life you can watch other people live the life you want. “Look at what Kim Kardashian wore to the event!” “That’s such a nice dress!” “Oh, did you hear that XXX is dating XXX?”

Who freaking gives a shit? I couldn’t care less. How does this meaningless crap help me get towards my goals? Hint: It doesn’t.

If it isn’t watching the latest social divas soap opera bullcrap, it is often the news. Since the news is now nearly totally full of bad news it can make a person feel glad it is not them. That, or now you are worried for this person (missing, in the hospital, etc) that you just have to follow the situation and hope they are alright.

The news is a way to see other people’s problems so that I don’t face my own. Between these two things you can live life without living life. What I mean is that you could live life vicariously through these people or events. They would be your life-surrogates on social media, TV, the news, the missing person story, a crime spree, your sports team, and on and on. You could let the lives of the famous fortunate actress or tragic news stories be your life for you.

Do I really need to know about these people? Do I need to know about so much news?

No. If it doesn’t affect you or there is nothing you can do about it then it is a waste to think about. Only when you can learn something useful to better yourself is it of any benefit.

Just One Hour

So get rid of all these distractions and use that time to learn what you can do when you devote your mind to it. Everybody can find an hour to better themselves and work towards the life that they want. That’s what this post was all about.


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  1. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    Yup! I do this with writing and it works like a charm. I actually had to start getting up at 5 am (or staying up til 11 pm) to get my writing done. I’m tired, but I’m fulfilled and motivated to work on something that’s meaningful to me.

    1. Josh

      I started getting up at 5am about a month ago too. It requires an extra cup of coffee, but being able to work before the children wake up is worth it!
      Josh recently posted…Get Free Roadside Assistance with This AppMy Profile

      1. MrDD

        Oh man, I hear ya! I do my time after the wife and kids have gone to bed as I don’t like waking up, haha.

    2. MrDD

      I much prefer to stay up rather than get up early. I am just a night owl, always have been.

  2. Mr. Robot

    Mr. DD, one of your best and most meaningful posts. It’s something I’m thinking a lot about but haven’t rigidly stick to. You’ve summed up a lot of my feelings and written them down eloquently. Thank you.
    Mr. Robot recently posted…July 2018 Dividend ReportMy Profile

    1. MrDD

      Thank you so much, Mr. Robot. I appreciate it.

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