Cheapest Way To Ship Shoes For eBay – With Pictures

Cheap Shoe Shipping Hack – Ship Shoes On eBay For Only $6.65!

(With the USPS shipping rate increase, the cost in 2019 is $6.95 with eBay’s shipping discount)

Today I want to share with any resellers the absolute cheapest way to ship shoes that weigh over 1lb, which is 98% of all shoes.

Some may say that this looks unprofessional and for those folks, I say continue doing what you do. For those that want to save some money on shipping, keep reading as the method I am about to share will save you at least $2 per pair of shoes without the original box.

This method will not work on all shoes. Extremely large pairs will not fit. Hightops will not fit as well. But for the majority of sneaker and dress shoes, this works like a charm.

Here is all you will need to ship shoes on eBay on the cheap:

  • USPS Flat Rate LEGAL Envelope (free from USPS)
  • Tape
  • 2-4 Plastic Bags (free from the supermarket and other retail shops)

As you can see, shipping supplies are basically free, you will only need a little bit of tape.

Step 1: Put Your Shoes Into The Plastic Bags (I usually use two per shoe)

Step 2: Place Shoes Into USPS Legal Flat Rate Envelope

Place the first one sole down.

The other shoe gets inverted (the toes face opposite directions) and placed sole up.

Step 3: Close The Envelope, Seal, & Tape

Ensure that the envelope completely closes over itself as that is a USPS requirement. The first time closing the envelope might be a little struggle, but you will get used to it.

After I get the envelope sealed using the seal strip included on the envelope I reinforce it with my own tape. I place a large strip across the top and two little bits on each lower side. These envelopes weren’t designed with shoes in mind so a little strengthening doesn’t hurt.

Save Money Shipping Shoes On eBay!

Using this shoe shipping method will cost about $2-3 less per pair of shoes. If the shoes weigh over 3 or 4 pounds, the savings really add up.

$2 or $3 might not seem like much, but the savings will accumulate the more you do this. If you are like me, saving money on shipping goes right into my pocket. So I don’t mind that pocket having an extra $20 or $30 after 10 pairs of shoes have sold on eBay.

Also, realize that you can use this method for anything else that fits! Often times I am shipping slim boxes that weigh over 1 lb using normal flat rate envelopes or these legal rate ones.

You can also save 50 cents if you ever use the small USPS flat rate boxes. All you have to do is put your item into the small box, then place the box into a regular flat rate envelope. It easily fits, is more protected, and costs 50 cents less!


Disclaimer: While I have never had a package rejected or returned to sender using this method I have had Postal Clerks complain about it. I now just drop these in the drop box to avoid any hassles. 

I am not responsible for any problems you might have if you choose to use this method. 

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  1. Fred

    Great article! Thank you so much for the tip!

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