5 Powerful Tools For Success I Learned From “Think & Grow Rich”

Have you ever read the book “Think & Grow Rich” from Napoleon Hill? If not, and you want to find success in life, you should.

Written all the way back in 1937, it is often considered the first true ‘self-help’ book of the modern age. (Some consider “The Science of Getting Rich” the first) Yes, even though it was written all those years ago, the information inside it is as relevant as ever. Heck, even Tony Robbins used a lot of the information in the book in his early career.

Yes, a lot of the personal examples of success are old but just because they happened so long ago doesn’t decrease the achievements. Plus, history comes around in circles. You can learn a lot by studying the past.

I want to share with you the top five things I learned from reading Think and Grow Rich. If you want a free PDF version of the book, go to this link.

5 Powerful Tools That Can Help You Build Success 

Although success is a relative term since each one of us defines it differently, nonetheless, it is something all of us yearn for. All of us want to be successful at one thing or the other and one type of success that most of us desire for is ‘financial success and independence.’

Don’t you want to be financially strong and independent to the extent that you don’t have to check your account each time you wish to make a purchase, go on a vacation or do anything you want?

Don’t you wish you did not have to live from one paycheck to another and had enough wealth to support and fund your wants?

Of course, you want that. Not only does wealth and abundance make it easier for you to fulfill all your wishes and wants, but it also makes it easier for you to make a positive contribution to the society, spend more time with loved ones and help others in need.

Fortunately, you can achieve that and a lot more by simply employing 5 important tools. Yes, you read that right- there are 5 truly remarkable tools which if you make the right use of can help you unleash your true potential, make you the best version of yourself and allow you to draw towards you unimaginable success, prosperity, and abundance. Without further ado, let us move on to find out and discuss those 5 tools.

Tool 1 – Burning Desire- You Must Have a Burning Desire for What You Want

To achieve success, you need to become success conscious. You need to be convinced that you are capable of achieving the success you wish to have and you need to nurture an extremely strong, compelling and burning desire for what you want the most. Your burning desire is the precise tool that helps magnetize your mind with an incredibly intense desire for riches. When you want something with an intense passion that does not let you sleep or rest until the time you have acquired it, you keep moving forward.

If you don’t believe in the power of having a burning desire yet, you will so after going through the following story.

Edwin C. Barnes was an ordinary man, in fact, a tramp who had no value or the financial independence he needed to live an extraordinary life. However, he did have with him the first tool to carve the success he wanted to actualize. He had a burning desire bubbling inside him and that desire wasn’t letting him rest at all. He had a desire to work with Thomas Edison and it was a desire that was laughed upon by many but did Mr. Barnes doubt it: not for even a second. He was passionate about working for Edison and when he realized he could not make do without this, he set on a journey to meet his idol. When he knocked Edison’s door, Edison wasn’t too surprised to see him but was surprised when he heard Barnes tell him he wished to be his business partner one day and was ready to do everything Edison would command him to. Edison did take him but only because he saw in Barnes’ eyes a spark which showed his determination and which showed Edison that Barnes would not back out until he had what he desired.

For 5 excruciating years, Barnes worked as an intern for Edison and then came his opportunity towards success which at that time was disguised as an obstacle. Edison had created his ‘Edison Dictating Machine’ which he wanted to sell but all his business associates and salesmen selling his existing products had told him doing so wasn’t possible. Barnes decided he would sell that product and eventually did make a sale. There was no looking back for Barnes since then and he made Edison’s dictating machine quite a huge hit. Edison made Barnes his business partner and together Barnes and Edison made quite a successful partnership.

It was Barnes’ burning desire that he nurtured that made him actualize the success he dreamt of the day in and day out. Had he not nurture that desire, it is quite likely he would have forever stayed a tramp.

Tool 2 – Belief- You Must Believe in that Desire

Once you nurture a strong desire for what you wish to achieve, you need to strongly believe in its power to manifest it for real. A major reason most of us fail to accumulate riches is because we fail to believe that we are indeed the masters of our soul and the ultimate creators of our destiny. When we don’t believe that we have the power to create our present and future the way we want, we succumb to whatever is given to us.

Believing in your burning desire for something is crucial to bring that thing towards you. You need to see what you want in your mind’s eye before actually objectifying it. Unless you believe that you are capable of achieving something and believe that you have acquired it, you will keep doubting yourself and will keep surrendering to the obstacles you encounter along the way.

Faith is the starting point of achieving all your goals and it is this tool that you need to combine with your burning desire to create the third tool.

Tool 3 – Auto-Suggestion- You Need to Apply the Principle of Auto-Suggestion

Auto-suggestion is the subconscious or hypnotic adoption of a belief or idea that you have originated on your own. Your subconscious mind possesses an unimaginable power which if you tap into and employ, you can achieve all your goals. Auto-suggestion is that tool which allows you to exercise that amazing power. Through auto-suggestion, you can channelize that power and make your subconscious mind believe that you can achieve your burning desire. To do that, you need to follow this 6 step process.

Think of the exact amount of money you want to accumulate. It should not be an abstract quantity such as ‘plenty’ or ‘large sum’ but must be specific so you know exactly the amount of money you want. For instance, if you want to earn $200,000 in a year, fix that amount in your mind.

Secondly, think of the services you are willing to give in return for that amount of money. You need to give something to get something in return so figure out what you can offer in return for that success you want. For that, think of your talents, strengths and past accomplishments to come up with the qualities, skills or talents you can use to become successful.

Thirdly, think of a time when you would want to have that success. For instance, if you wish to have $50,000 in a year, set that as your deadline.

Build a plan to fulfill your desire and act on it immediately even if you are unsure of this plan.

Write a clear, concise statement that describes your goal followed by its deadline, the service you can offer in exchange for it and the plan you want to execute to achieve this goal.

Read this statement out loudly once in the morning and once before going to bed to awaken the power of your subconscious mind.

Do this daily and believe in each and every word of the statement and trust me, in some time, you will start moving towards your goal. In addition, employ the next two tools to fulfill your mission.

Tool 4 – Specialized Knowledge and Creative Imagination- You Must Possess and Nurture both

The fourth tool you need is to have specialized knowledge in the field you wish to use to achieve your goal. Whatever it is that you wish to offer in return for the riches you desire, you need to be specialized in it. You need to be extremely knowledgeable in the field and you need to have in-depth knowledge of that field so you can employ that knowledge to the best of your abilities to service the people who can help you achieve your goal.

Being knowledgeable does not mean you must have school or college education to prove your intelligence. To become knowledgeable, you need to have education and to be educated, you need not bound yourself to get a college degree. Henry Ford only studied in school until the 6th grade. Edison studied in school for a mere 3 months only. If education was the criterion for being successful, these two would not have been successful ever. You need to be educated to be successful and education can be acquired through self-study, spending time in public libraries, reading books and listening to lectures by successful people and by employing the 5th tool.

In addition, you need to use your imagination to come up with something truly unique and novel to achieve your goal. Your imagination gives your desire the shape and form it needs to help you achieve what you aspire for. There are two types of imagination: synthetic and creative. Synthetic imagination refers to re-arranging old concepts and existing ideas into some new combination. As opposed to this, creative imagination refers to drawing the power of the infinite intelligence (power of the universe) to come up with something truly unique.

You see, people are always willing to pay more and go the extra mile for something fresh, exciting and different. If you were shown two devices and were told that the second one could help you see the future but costed about $100 more than the first device, you would quite likely be willing to pay $100 more for the second device mainly because it has a special feature the first one does not.

If you analyze the example of Barnes, you will see that he too became specialized in the field of selling things and then offered the world a special product in the shape of Edison’s dictating machine and sold it creatively to fulfill his wishes.

So whatever it is that you wish to achieve, educate yourself in it and then tap into your creative imagination to come up with an idea and plan that can help you unlock that success and manifest your burning desire.

Tool 5 – Master Mind Alliance- Create a Master Mind Alliance to Achieve Your Goal

Lastly, you need the support of a mastermind alliance to achieve whatever it is you desperately want. A mastermind alliance is a group of people who are either aspiring to achieve success in the same field as you or even in a different field and are willing to lend each other support. It is best if your mastermind alliance comprises of people who are more successful than you so you can benefit from their experiences.

To make your mastermind alliance, look for people in your field who are either more successful or at the same level as you and then have regular meetings with them to benefit from their experience. This will help you come across new ideas, different experiences and different strategies to battle obstacles to achieve your goal.

If you employ these 5 tools and believe in their power as you use them, you will start drawing success towards you. It may take you time to achieve what you want depending on the nature of your goal but you will accomplish it- you just need to believe in yourself and utilize these 5 tools.

Oh, and make time to read this book!


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  1. Mrs. Picky Pincher

    I’m new to the self-help world, but there’s some good stuff here! I really do think confidence and visualization can work miracles when paired with an actionable step-by-step plan.
    Mrs. Picky Pincher recently posted…What A Frugal Weekend! January 7My Profile

    1. MrDD

      So true, first you gotta want it – then you figure out how you are gonna get it 😀

  2. fin$avvy panda @ finsavvypanda.com

    Wow, mr DD! I absolutely loved this article you wrote. Every thing you said here is so right. I loveeeee the concept of “burning desire!” It’s so true — If someone really wanted to achieve that something, they would go and do it. Whatever it takes, no bs excuses. They truly believe in their idea.

    Thanks for mentioning this book! Looks like an excellent read! I would love to make this as one of my reads ?

    Again, awesome job with this post!!

    1. MrDD

      When people complain about not having enough money but then sit and watch Netflix when they get off work, well then I know that they aren’t serious. Because there isn’t enough time in the day for me to get done with all the side hustles that are making me money right now. Kinda the reason why I haven’t been posting here as much, there have been a lot of opportunities I have been taking advantage of these past few months.

      But this site is still my baby, and I will never stop 😀

      1. fin$avvy panda

        Hehe I still always look forward reading your posts!

        And yes, there are lots of ppl who complain but don’t do anything to improve their situation. That’s one of my pet peeves lol!

        Again, great post! You’re killing it w/ all your hustles ?
        fin$avvy panda recently posted…Two Secrets to Crushing Your New Year Goals – Solid Advice From Warren BuffettMy Profile

  3. Mr Defined Sight

    This one is on my list to read along with “The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie”. They have both been highly recommended by several people that I know.

    You are right about how knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean having a fancy college degree. One of my good friends never went to college and he is one of the most talented IT professionals that I know. Why? Because he lives it and never stops learning about it. It is his passion. If you have that burning desire to learn and apply skills, it can take you a long ways.

    Good stuff my friend!
    Mr Defined Sight recently posted…For All You 20 Somethings Entering the Workforce…My Profile

    1. MrDD

      The knowledge is out there, and pretty much for free too. I mean anyone can watch Harvard lectures online. If knowledge is your goal, it is there for the taking. You gotta pay for the piece of paper though.

  4. Graham @ Reverse the Crush

    Great post, Mr. Doubling Dollars! This post is right on point with where my mind is at right now. Especially that first Napoleon Hill quote you posted. I’m appalled with the aimlessness of people, and I’m appalled with the way they value money!

    I have read this book in the past but needed a refresher. I read it back in 2012 when I was starting a new job with an extremely long commute. I honestly credit this book to giving me the perseverance to continue.

    The book is filled with great value, and I love the points you listed. A burning desire and belief are so essential! And I love the auto-suggestion reminder as well. I do have a reminder set on my phone that I read every morning about my exact definite purpose in one sentence. Perhaps I need to make it even more specific. Thanks for the reminder to read this book! Have a great weekend man!
    Graham @ Reverse the Crush recently posted…The Appalling Disrespect Towards MoneyMy Profile

    1. MrDD

      Hey Graham!

      This book certainly laid it all out for us to follow all those years ago – but most won’t! As far as that quote goes, I feel that the burning desire is so very important – everyone needs to find what that is to them. To me, it is becoming financially independent. So that is my fire for FIRE.

  5. Cam @ MattersOfCash

    This is a great summary of a great book, it was truly ahead of its time!
    Cam @ MattersOfCash recently posted…Net Worth Update – January 2018My Profile

    1. MrDD

      Really, the only thing stopping people from succeeding is themselves as the knowledge of what to do has already been discovered.

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