Mar 09

How Much Car Can You Afford? It Is Probably Much Less Than You Are Thinking.

  Nowadays most people looking to buy a car only ask the car salesperson “How much down and how much per month?” They want to have it now and pay for it later. Plus interest. (I hate paying interest.) These people hardly ever think about how much it really costs them. It is only the …

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Mar 07

How To Cheaply Clean Your Car Carpets To Almost New For Under $10!

One reason people seem to get ‘car fever’ is a simple one. The car they drive is dirty. Fortunately, we can fix this rather easily; a great clean! It is amazing what a deep clean can do to make you feel good about your old car. But fighting car fever isn’t the only reason to …

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Mar 02

Midland High School: A Prep School That Teaches Self-Reliance By Being Close To Nature

Hello Midland high! A school that requires students to collect firewood, grow vegetables and raise livestock, but also prepares them for ivy league colleges. At the Midland Highschool in California, a student’s life is drastically different than if they attended any normal school in the country. While the curriculum is strong and focused on college …

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Feb 27

This Place is a Prison! On Planet Bullcrap! In The Galaxy of This Sucks Camel Dung!

   I don’t like it anymore, so I’m planning to leave. You can come too, if you want. Advertisers blanket us with the latest cool thing to own. If you just had this thing, everyone would look up to you and be amazed at your status. Don’t have the money? No problem! Buy now, pay …

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Feb 23

How My Wife And I Paid Our Monthly Mortgage Using $50… And Some Hustle

Yes, we used a $50 investment and some hustle to turn it into over $800 this past weekend. Read on to find out what we did. When you have financial goals but not the income to match, you have to find ways to either increase your money situation or decrease your spending. The best way …

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Feb 21

Does Your Personality Affect Your Income and How Much You Save? I Found Out. Kinda.

    Did you know your personality can be linked to how much you make as well as how much of that you are able to keep? Many people have taken the Myers-Briggs personality test. If you haven’t HERE is a link to take the test for free, it will only take a few minutes …

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Feb 15

How To Succeed When You Aren’t The Best At Anything

What if you are just average at things, can you still succeed? YES! The hidden key to success is why the secret sauce tastes so good. Have you ever heard that only the best people are able to succeed, leaving the rest of us to pick up their scraps if we are lucky? That since …

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Feb 13

Ancient Wisdom That Stands The Test Of Time – Volume 2

    Powerful words of ancient wisdom from long dead philosophers that are just as meaningful today as they were thousands of years ago – and will still be just as relevant thousands of years from now. These incredible words from our ancient past are brimming with solid ways to live your life. While many …

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Feb 10

Top 6 Most Evil Food Corporations

Evil Food Corporations Oh ok, maybe they aren’t all evil and unethical would be a better word. But read the history and tell me there isn’t evil lurking about in the corporate past.  I remember how my grandmother used to say how she would get an orange in her Christmas stocking and how it was …

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Feb 08

My Healthy 50 Cent Dinner! Tomatillos and Bean Mix.

In my last post, I wrote that I am able to buy a large amount of produce for just $10. I had plenty of tomatillos that I didn’t quite know what to do with. Well, I am not scared to experiment with my culinary skills. A quick search online showed that some people put tomatillos …

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